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This is the backbone of what we do. Kenneth is an investor himself and has been investing in Augusta since 2015. Kenneth and his mentors have made the mistakes for you so that you're investing career starts out on the right foot! If you want an agent that is knowledgeable on investing in real estate, call Kenneth!

Our Story

Kenneth was born in Savannah, GA and raised in Augusta, GA.  Growing up having friends live all around the CSRA he became very familiar with the different areas.  When he turned 22 he decided to get his real estate license and has not looked back sense.  His sales are currently at 166% of his first years sales, with six months left in the year. He is widely connected with wholesalers, buyers, sellers, and investors throughout the area.

Meet the Team

Currently, Kenneth is a one man team.  He is in the process of hiring an administrative assistant so that he can help his buyers buy twice as many homes in half the amount of time. Stay tuned to meet our newest member!

Kenneth Guy Mooney

Owner & Lead Investment Agent

Division 1 Tennis player turned Real Estate Investment Agent!

Administrative Assistant

Coming soon....stay tuned!

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